Sales Data for First 2 Weeks

Some good solid growth this week. Total Sales are 26,900 for the first two weeks. Just over AUD$35,000 NET in 2 weeks, my boss is pretty happy with that!

I have been asked many times this week if all these sales happen automatically… The answer is NO, whilst the Appstore is a great distribution system it is not a marketing system. If a developer has no clue about marketing, it is unlikely that their application will sell more than a few hundred a day.

Below is a sales graph for the last 2 weeks.

Sales 2 weeks

Youtube Stats :: Youtube Drives Sales

In the past 13 days the Youtube videos have had 410,700 views (some were uploaded as demos early but only had a small number)

Most are rated at 4.5 – 5 star, lots of favourites and comments.

I credit the video with about 60% of our sales.

I might sound like a drongo and it’s low production quality (it only took me an hour or so!). But it does the job. So far with about 25,000 sales and about AUD$30,000 NET – in 2 weeks, the one man part time marketing is yielding good results.

I am available for hire :-)

I’m thinking of a Wobble competition like iFart are running – who makes the best Youtube video gets a prize. More on that soon – I think Wobble will work better on Youtube that farts personally.

video popularity 2

demographics 2


For the past 10 days we have been marketing Wobble as an application that can Wobble Boobs and Booty. Apparently these words are now deemed explicit by Apple. The Number 1 in Japan success for Wobble has brought us onto the Apple radar.

I just got a call from a nice fellow in developer relations who pointed out that we *need* to remove any reference to both BOOBS and BOOTY in our marketing texts. When I firmly challenged Apple censoring Wobble he pointed out that Wobble and Apple had an agreement that we needed to comply with.

Point Taken: Do. As. You. Are. Told.

It must be stressed – Apple have no problem wit the App – no images ship with the App, and there are lots of other things you can Wobble – like, um er – I’m sure you’ll think of something?

Doing a search for “Boobs” in iTunes returns 143 results – many of them marked explicit, a search for “Booty” returns 150 items. Not surprisingly Wobble appears at the top of the list in both search terms. there are hundreds of songs in the charts that use the words Booty and Boobies. I asked “Why are Apps different?” – response, I’m only here to talk to you about the Appstore and can’t comment on iTunes.

Our description now says:
You can make (censored) and (censored) jiggle and bounce like real when you shake your phone.

So is it a case of do as I say but not as I do?
Are the words Boobs and Booty actually explicit/offensive?
Should there be a difference between iTunes music, and iTunes Apps?

Oh and Apple would “prefer” it if we modified our super hot marketing video which features clothed women wobbling body parts.

For Best Wobble Results – Do NOT SHAKE :-)

We had a few comments from people who are shaking the hell out of their phone, and not getting many wobbles. In fact they are getting lots of wobbles but the movement is not large enough to see.


Think about how the iPhone accelerometer works and you will realise why this happens, if you rapidly shake anything back and forth, it will vibrate at a high frequency, but not move far…

Try moving the iPhone or Touch rapidly in ONE direction and then stopping.

This way you are applying a force to the object to wobble and then stopping the container – kinda like a crash test dummy in a car.

Or perhaps a better analogy – large breasts in a wet T-shirt with no bra.

I hope this helps you get some better Wobles! 😀

Average Ratings Worldwide is 4.39 Star

Another great day yesterday and we continue to grow in numbers worldwide. The initial publicity in the USA has started to wear off though, so we’re dropping a little bit there – Wobble is a long way from saturating the market so there is still plenty of room for growth. My focus this week.

We remain in the top 10 in Japan(6), Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland. Wobble sales for the first week here.

What is really interesting is the ratings we get and the comments. This page gets all of the ratings and comments for Wobble from all over the world in the different iTunes stores. As you can see, Wobble has universal appeal!

When the new features are released soon we’ll be getting nothing but 5 Stars I think.

Sales For First Week

Great stuff, itunesconnect is now reporting sales for 22nd. So as promised here are the first week in sales. Gotta be happy with that.

Most markets are seeing solid growth, the USA is not. I’ll work out a plan to combat that over this Australia Day long weekend!

Come on America, lift your game! In these dark economic times you need a laugh :-)



It seems itunes connect did not update last night for sales on the 22nd.

But looking around the world we seem to be moving up the charts

number 2 in Switzerland

number 5 in Japan

number 9 in France

number 9 in Italy

number 22 in Germany

number 10 in entertainment in UK

number 14 in Australia

Interview on MacTalk

iTunes_wobble_icon Accelerometer. iPhone. Boobs. Put them together and you have Wobble. It’s an app that grabs photos from your iPhone’s camera roll, lets you add wobble points, then once you shake the iPhone, physics comes into play and just like that you have laughs galore. It’s prime purpose is to add motion physics to boobs, but it can be applied to any part of the anatomy really… Read the rest here >


Just got asked in an interview what inspired me to make Wobble? (I’ll link to it when it is published)

Answer: It all came to me in a blinding glimpse of the future while I was staying at Byron Bay in September last year. There I was sitting on the beach reading my news on my iPhone Google RSS reader, I looked up to see a woman jogging past just as the iPhone rang and it vibrated… OMG..!

Obviously it took a while to get some developers together and to get the App approved by Apple (4 weeks of racked nerves).

But the response has been worth it so far, I wonder how far it will go.