Hi readers…

ChilliFresh is a blog about technology, whatever is hot and fresh!  In it I intend to discuss what’s good and bad in the Apple Appstore, what’s new and improved in the tech world as well as publicise the Applications Glentwood has developed…

My name is Jon Atherton, formerly the CEO of faces.com – which was sold in early 2008. I reckon it looked much nicer when we owned it! I’m now working for Glentwood promoting their WOBBLE Application.

I’m a keen organic gardener in my spare time, and I’m hoping to teach my 3 kids that food comes out of the ground and chooks bums rather than a packet… What’s more growing food is pretty easy and very fulfilling.

I’m also big on fishing when I get a chance and I’m rather anxious to catch a barramundi over a meter long – my previous best being 96cm.

In general I’d rather be skiing the deep dry powder in Northern Japan.

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