My iPhone Home Screen


It stands to reason that you put the most commonly used Apps on your Home Screen and the critical ones on the docking bar.

I rarely edit the screens now that I have them setup. So there seems to be some detritus washing around in the middle 3 screens. games and so forth which I rarely look at, but just don’t want to delete.

I guess the Home Screen is really where you have things you don’t want to be without – and in my case they represent a good deal of my online time each day.

Most of these are self explanatory, but for those unfamiliar with some of these here are my excuses reasons for having them:
Forex: important to know the exchange rate when dealing internationally
Stocks: Normally easy to pick where the Forex is heading – at least in AUD
iPedia and Wikime – rarely used but nice to know they are there. Both are useful when I want to prove myself right (or wrong as happened once)
Shazam: This would have to be my second favourite App, I find that I use it constantly in the car (where I listen to the radio a bit) to work out what music I need to buy/find when I get home.
Pkt Weather is useful in Brisbane, we’ve had a few storms lately and I need to know when the garden is going to need some water.
Appstore – I really must update those 23 Applications that I never use.
IceTV Only useful in Australia, and only then if you have MediaCenter, I do and I have – so I use this to program the DVR when I’m out of the house or whatever.
Kanji Flip A great way to learn kanji – I need more practice, but I’m getting there – soon I could read a sign that shows where the trees are on the mountain, near a river :-)
Japanese great for travelling – find the word or phrase and it says the words for you – or you can try yourself.
WOBBLE – ah where would I be without WOBBLE – standby for the launch.

It would be remiss to not comment on Google Reader that appears within the browser of course. The trends section in Reader reveals some sad facts about my sleeping habits… Not so much the stats: From my 72 subscriptions, over the last 30 days I read 5,833 items, starred 80 items, shared 69 items, and emailed 46 items. Look at the time of day I do all this reading!

reading trends

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