Wobble – How to Delete Images

In the Wobble demo video (at about the 1 Minute mark) it tells you how to delete an image.

Go to the open/save screen and swipe along the row to the right, a delete button appears, then tap it.

This does not delete the actual image from your photo store – only the Wobble composition.

We’re making this easier in V2 – along with Thumbnails of your compositions to identify them easier.

2 thoughts on “Wobble – How to Delete Images”

  1. One of the most fun apps out there. Most apps are for the user only. This app makes every one laugh even my wife who thinks I’m alittle overboard with my new iphone anyway. Really need the thumb nails. I have several Wobbles and it takes a long time to pick one to show a certain person. Too bad you can;t send Wobbles to another iphone to view. That would be great. Keep up the good work and get those thumb nails out ASP. Mike

  2. Why is it that you can’r delete the “all” the wobble images? The First one always remains undeletable.
    Can anyone tell me how to delete all the images?


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