Stats: I’m glad Obama is in, but…

Don’t get me wrong, I am hopeful that this new presidency will live up to just a small fraction of expectations.

The USA appeared switched off their iPhone App purchases. (seems to have hit a few other sites as well)

Our US sales are halved, but our overall sales ranking increased – which indicates that other App sales were down too.

I know it isn’t all about us.

Now Mr Obama is in and on the job I hope the world can get one with changing, first on the todo is hopefully to fund research into renewable energy. :-)

On a positive note our sales were up worldwide 30.3% on yesterday – Go Japan!


It wasn’t just my imagination – Google saw it too :-)

Finally, this graph demonstrates one other interesting search pattern that we saw: the overall query volume of Google searches dropped in the U.S. from the time President Obama took the oath of office until the end of his inaugural speech, demonstrating that all eyes were on today’s festivities.

And here as well


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