Wobble vs iJiggle

No contest. I don’t like giving a competitor a platform, but their jiggling App is really substandard and gives boob wobbling apps a bad name!

Wobble uses a 3D engine and realistic wireframe of a breast to calculate which pixels to distort, and a realistic physics model to calculate acceleration etc.

We’re tweaking it to increase wobble duration, for viewing pleasure.

By way of example see below for why Wobble works and iJiggle is a FAIL. See our video, which shows how well Wobble works.

wireframe sphere    wireframe demo physics

By comparison iJiggle uses a weird pointy distortion field, which has some very bad consequences for this poor lady in the bikini! What a mess.

ijiggel failure

5 thoughts on “Wobble vs iJiggle”

  1. Wobble is without doubt the most realistic 3d image on the market. iJiggle looks fake. Well done, the developed programme looks state of the art and very well thought out. Congratulation.

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