For the past 10 days we have been marketing Wobble as an application that can Wobble Boobs and Booty. Apparently these words are now deemed explicit by Apple. The Number 1 in Japan success for Wobble has brought us onto the Apple radar.

I just got a call from a nice fellow in developer relations who pointed out that we *need* to remove any reference to both BOOBS and BOOTY in our marketing texts. When I firmly challenged Apple censoring Wobble he pointed out that Wobble and Apple had an agreement that we needed to comply with.

Point Taken: Do. As. You. Are. Told.

It must be stressed – Apple have no problem wit the App – no images ship with the App, and there are lots of other things you can Wobble – like, um er – I’m sure you’ll think of something?

Doing a search for “Boobs” in iTunes returns 143 results – many of them marked explicit, a search for “Booty” returns 150 items. Not surprisingly Wobble appears at the top of the list in both search terms. there are hundreds of songs in the charts that use the words Booty and Boobies. I asked “Why are Apps different?” – response, I’m only here to talk to you about the Appstore and can’t comment on iTunes.

Our description now says:
You can make (censored) and (censored) jiggle and bounce like real when you shake your phone.

So is it a case of do as I say but not as I do?
Are the words Boobs and Booty actually explicit/offensive?
Should there be a difference between iTunes music, and iTunes Apps?

Oh and Apple would “prefer” it if we modified our super hot marketing video which features clothed women wobbling body parts.