Youtube Stats :: Youtube Drives Sales

In the past 13 days the Youtube videos have had 410,700 views (some were uploaded as demos early but only had a small number)

Most are rated at 4.5 – 5 star, lots of favourites and comments.

I credit the video with about 60% of our sales.

I might sound like a drongo and it’s low production quality (it only took me an hour or so!). But it does the job. So far with about 25,000 sales and about AUD$30,000 NET – in 2 weeks, the one man part time marketing is yielding good results.

I am available for hire :-)

I’m thinking of a Wobble competition like iFart are running – who makes the best Youtube video gets a prize. More on that soon – I think Wobble will work better on Youtube that farts personally.

video popularity 2

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