Wobble Free vs The Chooks

I’m sorry I haven’t blogged much this week. I’ve been building a new chookyard (Chooks = Chickens)

We’re lucky enough to have a fairly large block of land and have been growing more and more of our own food over the last few years. I’m reducing the size of the lawn – which did take around 4 hours to mow, uses too much water and doesn’t do much for us really. I’m replacing lawn with corn, heirloom vegetable crops, fruit trees plus obviously we have some chickens! At least we know the fruit, veges and eggs have no pesticides, hormones etc.

We’re now going to increase the chook population from 3 to 8 so I needed to build a new enclosure…

ANYWAY, that was a fairly long excuse on why I haven’t blogged lately!

Wobble Premium began to slide down the charts last week, so before it dropped out altogether, I have sacrificed some sales and used it to promote the free version of Wobble. The idea being to get the free version to the top of the charts, then upsell people to a better featured application from the free version. This approach is working nicely – with our paid sales increasing again now that our free installs have started to jump rapidly.

Wobble Free is now at #29 in USA and top 10 in Australia, UK, Japan and several Euro countries. Wobble Free has had total installs in 6 days of about 120,000, with 35,000 of those today.

Wobble premium is still doing pretty well with about 2000 a day and it has sold just over 150,000 – I’ll have some more detailed stats up soon.

The branding is getting a refresh next week too – thoughts on these new icons anyone?

wobble-icon-v02   wobble-free-icon-v01

Apple Just Approved Wobble FREE

It might take an hour or two to land in iTunes.

We submitted this on the 11th of Feb, not too bad – 10 days for approval. I got notification late on my Saturday night, so Apple are working long hours on approvals – jolly decent of them!

Anyway Wobble Free mostly has the same features as Wobble, but it will run a couple of iterations behind – so currently doesn’t have thumbnails for example. Also you can only save one Wobble composition per hour (I may adjust this in coming days dependant on our usage data).

The aim of Wobble Free is to show how good Wobble is and try and convince doubters to upgrade to the paid version. I’m not interested in advertising anything else when we have a perfectly good product to sell.

I think the long term business case is weak for free versions that rely on advertising revenue, firstly the amount of advertising required to make real money will annoy the user – secondly the drop off to obscurity is sufficient that the developer will no longer earn enough to support the application. from the Pinch media Presentation is seems that free app revenue cannot compete with that of paid – and certainly not in the long term.

My belief is that Free applications will attract a large number of people who are not willing to buy under any circumstances – as well as “try before you buys”. So these non buyers are unlikely to click on an ad within a Free app and then buy something at the destination. Over time, CPMs on mobile advertising are therefore likely to fall to about the level of social network ads – ie low. If somebody won’t shell out $0.99 to try an app, getting them to buy anything that is advertised in Free applications will be difficult. If they don’t buy, advertisers will dry up or lower bids.

Reports I have had from other developers who have tried advertising their apps  show that they will not go back to it – and it is very unsuccessful.

Obviously this applies to “advertising” a premium version with a lite version, however if the app is good enough and the lite version has a feature or two missing then an upgrade might entice the user. We shall see!

We have longer term plans for Wobble, and we now also have another 7 Applications in the planning and early development stage.

iJiggle or Wobble?

I have posted before about the differences between Wobble and iJiggle, seeing iJiggle up near the top of the free store is great! I guess an update with ads is coming?

Click here for a comparison

Click here for a demo video of Wobble

If you like iJiggle you should probably try Wobble and see how much better Boob Wobbles can be!

Wobble was built to Wobble Boobs, and it does that task very well.

If you want to Wobble Boobs – buy Wobble, if you want an App with advertising and a poor copy of the boob physics – try iJiggle.

There is a reason Wobble is 4.5 Stars and iJiggle is 2.5 stars! :-)

Sales – 125,000 in First Month

Thanks to all our great buyers!! And thanks for reviewing it so highly – average rating is 4.6 stars!!

Updates are due in the next few days – and boy are some of them cool..!

We’ve switched the team working on the new app over to updates for a while to get all the feature requests done.

I’m somewhat happy<!> with what we have achieved with Wobble to date, and I’m looking forward to launching our next App on an unsuspecting populace in about 3 weeks. No Boobs or Booty – I promise 😉

Application Pricing

There are 3 types of Application I think:
1. Pure entertainment such as games, Sudoku etc – for the owner of the phone
2. Show off applications to entertain others – something you can show your friends “Hey check this out”
3. Productivity/business type applications.

The pricing of (1) is dependent on how many minutes in the persons life your app is going to fill.
The pricing of (2) is $0.99 almost without fail
The pricing of (3) is dependant on
a/ how much time you will save the user.
b/ how much money you will save the user

Most importantly – ALL of the above are dependent on the PERCEPTION of those values that a user has when they front up to buy the application.

Since there is no try before you buy system – and I doubt there ever will be – users make their decision (and developers earn their income) based on a screenshot, a bit of text and some reviews.

Copywriting is as important as the code!

Reviews & Competitors

Firstly, if you are competitor… or have an application in the top 10 drop me an email – I have some information for you on how we can work together. wobble at clean dot net dot au

As a competitor I guess it could be frustrating to watch a simple idea do really well, after spending a year on a complex one and not getting a huge sales volume. Wobble is a pretty good idea that has captured the imagination of users all over the world. You simply can’t get to the top of the charts unless you have an easy story to tell or you have a really compelling idea.

Out of 257 reviews at the time of writing there have been 175 x 5 stars and 40 x 4 stars.

I guess our message is simple enough for a user to “get it” in a few seconds.

A word of advice for developers – simplify your idea, simplify it again, and then discard 90% of the features. If you have too many features nobody will get it.

Wobble Stats

Wow – been a big week Wobble has jumped up in the charts bigtime!

Some chart positions of note:
#1 in Japan
#2 in Australia
#5 in Norway
#13 in USA, UK and Canada (coincidence!)

Wobble is rated 4.34 Stars on Average worldwide.

Sales have grown to over 5000 a day, and Wobble has sold more than 52,000 copies since launch just 3 weeks ago.

The Youtube Demo videos have been viewed 500,212 times.

We have some awesome improvements coming this week for Wobble which will make a LOT of people laugh in amazement 😀

Plus we have another two Apps being built now – probably 2 weeks out from launch. Neither include Boobs, but both will have a huge market. :-)

How to Restore an iPhone (if 2.21 breaks it)

Firstly. Think Calm Thoughts.

I agree, your phone should not break when an update goes bad, you *should* be able to roll back to the previous version. But you can’t, so…

I tried to update from from 2.1 to 2.21 on my 3G iPhone this morning and it refused to restart – claiming a very useful “error 13”… The Apple help was not useful for me.

To roll back to 2.2 I did the following – hopefully it works for you too, I did this from a different machine with an older iTunes – I am not sure if that is required.

1. Download the 2.2 firmware, Apple helpfully don’t link to prior versions of firmware on their site, but at the time of writing it is available on their Apple edgesuite link for iPhone 2.2 firmware, I guess this link might be dead for some future people, so search for this: “iPhone1,2_2.2_5G77_Restore.ipsw” you will find it someplace…

2. Then follow the simple instructions here, reproduced below just in case that page disappears:

On Windows:
Hold the SHIFT key while clicking the "Update" or "Restore" button in the iPhone tab in iTunes

On Mac:
Hold the option key while clicking the "Update" or "Restore" button in the iPhone tab in iTunes

Subsequently, a dialog box will come up which will allow you to select the firmware file to use for your update. At this point, simply browse to and select the firmware file that corresponds to the version you’d like to restore your iPhone with. (the 2.2 firmware you downloaded above)

Firmware files have an .ipsw extension and can be found at the following locations:
On Windows:
Documents and Settings\<User>\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates
On Mac:
~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates

Then after that step completes Restore from a backup that you have in iTunes. You should have a backup from just prior to the update you were trying to do.

Hope that helps.