Exciting Move Up The Charts + Sales Stats

Just woke up… being in Australia I should be excused – I’m not having an afternoon nap!

We’ve moved up the charts quite nicely, and got another Top 5 spot too…

#1 in Japan
#5 in Australia (yay!)
#29 in USA
#30 in UK
#33 in Canada

For the reference of other app developers that equates to total sales worldwide of about 3000 a day.

The sales seem to be pretty much the same between #34 in USA and #50 – which makes sense I guess since people browse that part of the charts evenly.

We’ll hopefully see if getting above #25 causes a jump – I suspect it will.

It sure would be nice to assign different icons for different localisations. Some countries might not like our new icon as much as others. For our next App I think we’ll bring out a different version for each country – not sure of the mechanics for that yet.

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