Just for the Record

#1 in Japan
#1 in Australia
#5 in Norway
#4 in USA (edit – just jumped to 3 right when I posted this!)
#3 in UK
#9 in Canada

When Wobble has dropped out of the top 10 I’ll be publishing a full set of graphs showing rank to sales.

We’ll comfortably pass 100,000 sales within the first month.

2 thoughts on “Just for the Record”

  1. Congrats! I’ve been watching your site since I found out about Wobble and saw a thread on another website mentioning it.

    It’s inspiring to see people making money off the App Store. So much so that I plan on trying to learn Cocoa and such. I have a few ideas for Apps that I’d like to at least ‘try’ to do without really trying to make a buck. My fiance’ thought Wobble was funny when I put her picture into the program and made her ‘wobble’.

    Keep up the postings! People are reading it!

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