Reviews & Competitors

Firstly, if you are competitor… or have an application in the top 10 drop me an email – I have some information for you on how we can work together. wobble at clean dot net dot au

As a competitor I guess it could be frustrating to watch a simple idea do really well, after spending a year on a complex one and not getting a huge sales volume. Wobble is a pretty good idea that has captured the imagination of users all over the world. You simply can’t get to the top of the charts unless you have an easy story to tell or you have a really compelling idea.

Out of 257 reviews at the time of writing there have been 175 x 5 stars and 40 x 4 stars.

I guess our message is simple enough for a user to “get it” in a few seconds.

A word of advice for developers – simplify your idea, simplify it again, and then discard 90% of the features. If you have too many features nobody will get it.

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  1. I love the new thumbnail addition. Was going nuts try to find a certain photo. However it seems a little touchy trying to scoll through the thums. Hard to do and very jumpy and hard to click on photo needed. Not like scrolling through the regular iphone thumbs. Please see if the scrolling might be tamed down a bit. Really great app. Next to Koi Pond it is my favorite. Keep up the great job! MIkw

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