OK – We Gotta Get to Number 1

$37,000 in one day? hmmm – Wobble is only<!> earning $10,000 a day at number 3 in the USA.

I have a cunning plan that will see us at number 1 on Wednesday next week.

Or maybe Friday. :-)

I hope.

2 thoughts on “OK – We Gotta Get to Number 1”

  1. If you’re talking about iShoot’s $37,000/day then that’ll be because he sold at $2.99 rather than $0.99. If you’re talking about iFart’s Christmas Day bonanza then that was a one off. Pretty much every dev including me saw 3X sales over Christmas and Boxing Day. From what I’ve heard, you can expect around 16,000 sales/day at #1 right now. Please confirm when you get there. Maybe you should experiment with popping your price to $1.99. Pretty much every dev has experimented with dropping their prices but how about doubling your price just for a laff ? Have you got the bollocks mate ?

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