iJiggle or Wobble?

I have posted before about the differences between Wobble and iJiggle, seeing iJiggle up near the top of the free store is great! I guess an update with ads is coming?

Click here for a comparison

Click here for a demo video of Wobble

If you like iJiggle you should probably try Wobble and see how much better Boob Wobbles can be!

Wobble was built to Wobble Boobs, and it does that task very well.

If you want to Wobble Boobs – buy Wobble, if you want an App with advertising and a poor copy of the boob physics – try iJiggle.

There is a reason Wobble is 4.5 Stars and iJiggle is 2.5 stars! :-)

2 thoughts on “iJiggle or Wobble?”

  1. Without a doubt Wobble is superior to iJiggle.

    iJiggle just came off like a bad attempt to make some money or notoriety off of the Wobble app.

    I had iJiggle for all of about 10 minutes and deleted it after I realized how badly it worked(or didn’t work for that matter).

  2. Love the wobble-app as well! Just some feature-requests (sorry in case they have been asked for before; couldn’t find these in other comments):

    – A feature to wobble selected regions by touching/pulling/pushing it with your finger (yes, indeed; playing with your subject rather than shaking it/her).
    – A feature to browse through your wobbled photos, i.e. similar to sliding through photos in the photo-album-app, using gestures.
    – Perhaps an ‘auto-wobble’-feature? Just turn on ‘auto-wobbling’ to wobble indicated regions according to a certain rhythm?
    – Features such as zooming, rotating, cropping, etc. would be great!

    Keep up the good work!

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