Apple Just Approved Wobble FREE

It might take an hour or two to land in iTunes.

We submitted this on the 11th of Feb, not too bad – 10 days for approval. I got notification late on my Saturday night, so Apple are working long hours on approvals – jolly decent of them!

Anyway Wobble Free mostly has the same features as Wobble, but it will run a couple of iterations behind – so currently doesn’t have thumbnails for example. Also you can only save one Wobble composition per hour (I may adjust this in coming days dependant on our usage data).

The aim of Wobble Free is to show how good Wobble is and try and convince doubters to upgrade to the paid version. I’m not interested in advertising anything else when we have a perfectly good product to sell.

I think the long term business case is weak for free versions that rely on advertising revenue, firstly the amount of advertising required to make real money will annoy the user – secondly the drop off to obscurity is sufficient that the developer will no longer earn enough to support the application. from the Pinch media Presentation is seems that free app revenue cannot compete with that of paid – and certainly not in the long term.

My belief is that Free applications will attract a large number of people who are not willing to buy under any circumstances – as well as “try before you buys”. So these non buyers are unlikely to click on an ad within a Free app and then buy something at the destination. Over time, CPMs on mobile advertising are therefore likely to fall to about the level of social network ads – ie low. If somebody won’t shell out $0.99 to try an app, getting them to buy anything that is advertised in Free applications will be difficult. If they don’t buy, advertisers will dry up or lower bids.

Reports I have had from other developers who have tried advertising their apps  show that they will not go back to it – and it is very unsuccessful.

Obviously this applies to “advertising” a premium version with a lite version, however if the app is good enough and the lite version has a feature or two missing then an upgrade might entice the user. We shall see!

We have longer term plans for Wobble, and we now also have another 7 Applications in the planning and early development stage.

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