Wobble Free vs The Chooks

I’m sorry I haven’t blogged much this week. I’ve been building a new chookyard (Chooks = Chickens)

We’re lucky enough to have a fairly large block of land and have been growing more and more of our own food over the last few years. I’m reducing the size of the lawn – which did take around 4 hours to mow, uses too much water and doesn’t do much for us really. I’m replacing lawn with corn, heirloom vegetable crops, fruit trees plus obviously we have some chickens! At least we know the fruit, veges and eggs have no pesticides, hormones etc.

We’re now going to increase the chook population from 3 to 8 so I needed to build a new enclosure…

ANYWAY, that was a fairly long excuse on why I haven’t blogged lately!

Wobble Premium began to slide down the charts last week, so before it dropped out altogether, I have sacrificed some sales and used it to promote the free version of Wobble. The idea being to get the free version to the top of the charts, then upsell people to a better featured application from the free version. This approach is working nicely – with our paid sales increasing again now that our free installs have started to jump rapidly.

Wobble Free is now at #29 in USA and top 10 in Australia, UK, Japan and several Euro countries. Wobble Free has had total installs in 6 days of about 120,000, with 35,000 of those today.

Wobble premium is still doing pretty well with about 2000 a day and it has sold just over 150,000 – I’ll have some more detailed stats up soon.

The branding is getting a refresh next week too – thoughts on these new icons anyone?

wobble-icon-v02   wobble-free-icon-v01

2 thoughts on “Wobble Free vs The Chooks”

  1. Brilliant! Great iPhone kit! I meant to comment sooner after the last update, but the addition of thumbnails to the tool->open menu makes saved Wobbles much easier to remember. I have deferred rating Wobble on iTunes in the hopes that it will rise to my personal vision of a 5 star application. Currently, I would rate it 4 stars with 2 potential areas of improvement.
    1) Ellipses/non-circular wobble regions. Bonus for adjustments to major axis, minor axis, and angle.
    2) Social feature – share favs (saves) with mates.

  2. Aw shucks whatever happened to the original icon with the bikini girl silhouette? I have not updated since in the hope that you bring her back but I just may have to give in to these new features.

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