Splatface – Growing Sales

So far pretty happy with SplatFace sales, creeping up the charts. 29 in Entertainment!

We’ll need to get the Splatface update out soon, the effect has been improved a lot since we uploaded the original, and the original version 1.0 is not getting the best reviews. That will all change with V1.1 :-)

Our 4th Application should be out next week – and that one works really well. In fact I’m way happier with that one than SplatFace. My kids have had a lot of laughs with it – as have many of my friends – so I think it should appeal to a broad range of customers…

After that we have our first game – I’m expecting a paper prototype test version on Tuesday… launch in about 3 weeks.

Wobble Premium “Ready for Sale”

Apple have been kind enough to fast track the approval of Wobble Premium after initially declining it for being “Too Suggestive”

It should land in the Appstore in the next hour or so.

What do you get with the new version? A few things which you’ll love and one that you won’t!

1. Intensity and duration adjustments for Wobbles just tap this icon btn-dropdown-config  on the preview screen to get these sliders, tap again to hide them.

2. Thumbnails of Wobbles show when saved.
3. Zoom and crop photos before adding Wobbles.
4. Edit name of Wobbles when saving.
5. New improved icon
6. Help Screens

What wont you love? Well we wanted to push our new Application Splatface… and since we have given you all these updates for no extra cost, we thought you wouldn’t mind if we put a small ad on the splash screen like this, we didn’t think you’d mind :-)

Wobble Rejected for Being “Too Suggestive”!

Recently we sent an update for Wobble to Apple. The update has just been rejected for being too suggestive…

The existing Application can still be bought here.

We now have to resubmit, which might take another 4-5 days to get thru the approval process – we have only been told not to put the “wobble targets” on top of the silhouette.

Here is the icon:

UPDATE: we’re going to try this one!

Ok, so it is suggestive… no more suggestive than this though?(chill people, it’s just a Target TV Advert!)  

I say that our icon *is* suggestive of what the Application does!

I have said it before – developers have 57 x 57 icon and 16 characters in the App Store to “advertise” their app to potential buyers – we are competing with thousands of other Applications and we need to differentiate.

Here are some other applications that cater for the same market – we are competing for eyeballs with these apps:

wobble competition copy

Without a set guideline from Apple how can we tell what will pass and what will not? Surely they must brief their own staff – why not make the rules public so all developers work to the same songsheet!?

Meanwhile our users miss out on these updates.

1. Intensity and duration adjustments for Wobbles.
2. Thumbnails of Wobbles show when saved.
3. Zoom and crop photos before adding Wobbles.
4. Edit name of Wobbles when saving.
5. New improved icon
6. Help Screens

Would have been nice to have it approved, since the Free version advertises the features in Wobble Premium! Now we are getting hate mail from users :-\

UPDATE: New version uploaded

Looking to Buy Applications

We’re interested in buying Applications from developers.

If you are a developer who is wanting to sell their code for finished Apps that are approved and for sale in the Appstore please comment below (I will email you back for details)

We’re interested in games, entertainment and photography apps.

For clarity, we don’t want a license – we want to buy Apps outright.

Sales data will be required, but quality of the idea and the code is more important to us than sales history! If you have spent a lot of time building something and sales have been less than you expected, this might be a good opportunity for you.

SPLATFACE – New Application Approved!

Buy SplatFace Here


Obviously what you squash against the glass of your iPhone or iPod Touch is completely up to you… :-)

Hmmm, I wonder if you should try some photos you used in Wobble?

OK, I’ll admit it… Originally this was going to be a feature in Wobble, then we started playing around with it and thought it was good enough for a standalone App.

There is an update coming next week that will allow the “splatting” of different shaped objects

Splatface screenshot 1

Stats to Appstore Rank

As promised a few weeks back, here are the full stats for Wobble Premium and Free so far.

If you are a developer and find this info interesting please add a comment with what Applications you have in the appstore. I will then email you – I’m interested in amalgamating data for an eBook – but will not disclose individual cases of course, I might amalgamate and publish info back to anyone who shares.

Total sales for Wobble Premium have been about 165,000 and installs of Wobble Free have been 410,000, Youtube demo videos have been watched 615,000 times.

The following chart shows Wobble sales compared to Wobble appstore ranking in the USA. This data is not perfect – it does not show rankings in other major markets (GB, EU, JP etc) which on some days will be more than 40% total sales. It is also incomplete since I did not keep a record of US rankings until it started to interest me in early Feb.

Clearly ranking is a function of sales, but it looks like it is probably a moving average of some sort. The big dip is when Wobble accidentally fell out of the Appstore as you can see it climbed back, but we lost about 4000 sales and a fair bit of momentum.

Blue line is sales on the left axis, redline is appstore rank on the right axis.

Wobble Sales 16jan 9mar

Wobble Free Stats to date:

More data is available here in my previous post.

Firstly wrt the Wobble Free data, if you compare the Pinch analytics data in the post below you will see some discrepancy. Pinch tell me the following:
As far as the stats disparities, there are a few things at play. First, we’re on EST and Apple is on PST (to the best of our knowledge). Also, we count an install when a user runs an app for the first time — not just when it’s downloaded. Finally, a user must have a network connection for us to receive the analytics data that tells us they’ve used it.
I think the major discrepancy is caused by the lack of network connection so our usage and so on would be marginally higher.

Here is the chart of installs for Wobble Free – you will note the bump in sales Wobble Free caused on 28 Feb in the chart above. I also think it helped pull Wobble Premium back from oblivion when it fell out of the appstore.

Blue line is installs on the left axis, redline is appstore rank on the right axis.

wobble free installs 21feb to 9 mar 

Lastly here are the demographics of just the most recent Youtube demo video.

This data comes from “my account/insight” on Youtube. Not all these people come from the Appstore of course, it is viewable on Youtube directly from search etc.  Interestingly the data skews marginally lower than it did a few months back closer to launch – this could be due to younger users (ipods) paying more attention to the Appstore rankings. Also the female viewers skew younger than males.

demographics all users  demographics female

Analytics Wobble Free

As I mentioned in my last post, we installed Pinch Analytics in Wobble Free to track user interaction. I’m sure these stats will prove of interest to a few developers out there – please comment if you want more of this sort of thing, and mention in your comment what Apps you develop.

All these stats are since the launch of Wobble Free partway through the 21st Feb Until end March 9th, so just 16 days.

Wobble Free has more iPod Touch users that iPhone users:

device type

Top 20 Countries for Wobble Free:

top20 countries

Page views within the App are pretty huge at 5.5 Million in a little over two weeks, we don’t put advertising in the App, I prefer to upsell our users to the paid version of Wobble, the distinction between the two versions will be more apparent when the updates are live later this week.

page views

Other interesting stats for Wobble Free:

– averages 2.68 sessions per user per day
– average session time is 1 minute, 17 seconds.
– 258,754 Unique Users had 1,543,443 total sessions which gave 6 years 340 days 3 hours total session time

There’s a load of other data in the analytics package. We are not seeing the drop off that the Pinch Media slide deck indicated, so maybe people like showing their friends Wobbly things on their Touches and iPhones!?

I hope this is useful.

Wobble Premium Back on the Charts

It took a few days to climb back up, basically there is a small bug in the iTunes connect application management pages which can have a big impact on Applications. Wobble Premium was deleted for about a day and a half. We probably lost a few dollars. But you live and learn!

Our new Apps have been submitted, they are going to be a lot of fun and should be top 10 hits I hope!

Of interest is the Wobble Free stats – it launched just over two weeks ago, and contributes a lot of installs for the paid version. We set it up with the Pinch analytics package – see the chart below for the eyeballs we’ve had in just 2 weeks!

Just imagine the number of things Wobbled in those 6 years of time spent with the App!

wobble lite stats

Appstore Woes

I have been waiting for 2 weeks for an update to be released for our fairly popular Wobble Premium application (160,000 Paid installs), it contained a few user requested features.

Since uploading that update we have been working on even more features which are nearly ready. To avoid our users having to do 2 updates, I "rejected the binary" yesterday morning my time – about 1/2 way into the day in USA. (for non devs this means removing it so you can replace the installable with a new file)

We now plan to upload a new update early next week with even more features.


Today Wobble disappeared from the appstore altogether, who knows where it should really appear since the caching for iTunes/Appstore on iphone is ..um… unpredictable, but Wobbles last recorded position was 53 overall and 8th in Entertainment in the USA. That position means about 1500 sales a day. It now does not appear in the top 100 overall OR in the top 100 Entertainment<!>

Yesterdays sales reports were half of what I expected. So a drop from about 1600 to 700 in one day. It had been tracking downwards gradually – so this was a big drop.

I suspect it disappeared for some people yesterday, and I am just seeing it disappear today when my iTunes grabbed a new copy of the list…

I’ve called and emailed Apple numerous times, with no response. Predictably.

I just checked the details for the rejected binary and the "Availability Date" was set to 6th March. To be clear though – it was still marked "In Review" when I rejected it… so this date *should* be irrelevant. I just edited that date out to end 2010 as a test.

Two days missing from the charts will cause the App to drop out of the charts altogether – whereas we had been thinking it would do 1000 a day for a while.

I’m kinda annoyed.

Any thoughts?

Does anyone in the USA see Wobble in the top 100 chart (entertainment or overall?