Appstore Woes

I have been waiting for 2 weeks for an update to be released for our fairly popular Wobble Premium application (160,000 Paid installs), it contained a few user requested features.

Since uploading that update we have been working on even more features which are nearly ready. To avoid our users having to do 2 updates, I "rejected the binary" yesterday morning my time – about 1/2 way into the day in USA. (for non devs this means removing it so you can replace the installable with a new file)

We now plan to upload a new update early next week with even more features.


Today Wobble disappeared from the appstore altogether, who knows where it should really appear since the caching for iTunes/Appstore on iphone is… unpredictable, but Wobbles last recorded position was 53 overall and 8th in Entertainment in the USA. That position means about 1500 sales a day. It now does not appear in the top 100 overall OR in the top 100 Entertainment<!>

Yesterdays sales reports were half of what I expected. So a drop from about 1600 to 700 in one day. It had been tracking downwards gradually – so this was a big drop.

I suspect it disappeared for some people yesterday, and I am just seeing it disappear today when my iTunes grabbed a new copy of the list…

I’ve called and emailed Apple numerous times, with no response. Predictably.

I just checked the details for the rejected binary and the "Availability Date" was set to 6th March. To be clear though – it was still marked "In Review" when I rejected it… so this date *should* be irrelevant. I just edited that date out to end 2010 as a test.

Two days missing from the charts will cause the App to drop out of the charts altogether – whereas we had been thinking it would do 1000 a day for a while.

I’m kinda annoyed.

Any thoughts?

Does anyone in the USA see Wobble in the top 100 chart (entertainment or overall?

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