Wobble Premium Back on the Charts

It took a few days to climb back up, basically there is a small bug in the iTunes connect application management pages which can have a big impact on Applications. Wobble Premium was deleted for about a day and a half. We probably lost a few dollars. But you live and learn!

Our new Apps have been submitted, they are going to be a lot of fun and should be top 10 hits I hope!

Of interest is the Wobble Free stats – it launched just over two weeks ago, and contributes a lot of installs for the paid version. We set it up with the Pinch analytics package – see the chart below for the eyeballs we’ve had in just 2 weeks!

Just imagine the number of things Wobbled in those 6 years of time spent with the App!

wobble lite stats

1 thought on “Wobble Premium Back on the Charts”

  1. Hi,

    Just wondering. Did you make those statistics yourself or is there a web site providing them or at least providing tools for building them ?

    I’ve noticed that Apple doesn’t seem to provide any statistics at all (or are they very well hidden ?). All I’ve found is the number of daily, weekly and monthly sales…

    Thanks for publishing. You really are helping other developers…

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