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As I mentioned in my last post, we installed Pinch Analytics in Wobble Free to track user interaction. I’m sure these stats will prove of interest to a few developers out there – please comment if you want more of this sort of thing, and mention in your comment what Apps you develop.

All these stats are since the launch of Wobble Free partway through the 21st Feb Until end March 9th, so just 16 days.

Wobble Free has more iPod Touch users that iPhone users:

device type

Top 20 Countries for Wobble Free:

top20 countries

Page views within the App are pretty huge at 5.5 Million in a little over two weeks, we don’t put advertising in the App, I prefer to upsell our users to the paid version of Wobble, the distinction between the two versions will be more apparent when the updates are live later this week.

page views

Other interesting stats for Wobble Free:

– averages 2.68 sessions per user per day
– average session time is 1 minute, 17 seconds.
– 258,754 Unique Users had 1,543,443 total sessions which gave 6 years 340 days 3 hours total session time

There’s a load of other data in the analytics package. We are not seeing the drop off that the Pinch Media slide deck indicated, so maybe people like showing their friends Wobbly things on their Touches and iPhones!?

I hope this is useful.

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