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As promised a few weeks back, here are the full stats for Wobble Premium and Free so far.

If you are a developer and find this info interesting please add a comment with what Applications you have in the appstore. I will then email you – I’m interested in amalgamating data for an eBook – but will not disclose individual cases of course, I might amalgamate and publish info back to anyone who shares.

Total sales for Wobble Premium have been about 165,000 and installs of Wobble Free have been 410,000, Youtube demo videos have been watched 615,000 times.

The following chart shows Wobble sales compared to Wobble appstore ranking in the USA. This data is not perfect – it does not show rankings in other major markets (GB, EU, JP etc) which on some days will be more than 40% total sales. It is also incomplete since I did not keep a record of US rankings until it started to interest me in early Feb.

Clearly ranking is a function of sales, but it looks like it is probably a moving average of some sort. The big dip is when Wobble accidentally fell out of the Appstore as you can see it climbed back, but we lost about 4000 sales and a fair bit of momentum.

Blue line is sales on the left axis, redline is appstore rank on the right axis.

Wobble Sales 16jan 9mar

Wobble Free Stats to date:

More data is available here in my previous post.

Firstly wrt the Wobble Free data, if you compare the Pinch analytics data in the post below you will see some discrepancy. Pinch tell me the following:
As far as the stats disparities, there are a few things at play. First, we’re on EST and Apple is on PST (to the best of our knowledge). Also, we count an install when a user runs an app for the first time — not just when it’s downloaded. Finally, a user must have a network connection for us to receive the analytics data that tells us they’ve used it.
I think the major discrepancy is caused by the lack of network connection so our usage and so on would be marginally higher.

Here is the chart of installs for Wobble Free – you will note the bump in sales Wobble Free caused on 28 Feb in the chart above. I also think it helped pull Wobble Premium back from oblivion when it fell out of the appstore.

Blue line is installs on the left axis, redline is appstore rank on the right axis.

wobble free installs 21feb to 9 mar 

Lastly here are the demographics of just the most recent Youtube demo video.

This data comes from “my account/insight” on Youtube. Not all these people come from the Appstore of course, it is viewable on Youtube directly from search etc.  Interestingly the data skews marginally lower than it did a few months back closer to launch – this could be due to younger users (ipods) paying more attention to the Appstore rankings. Also the female viewers skew younger than males.

demographics all users  demographics female

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  1. This is some really interesting data. I have been trying to study App Store sales trends for a while, but have come up near-empty handed with the exception of this blog and a few other well-known sources (Tap Tap Tap Studios).

    I am also an iPhone developer that recently released a new game known as Blitz Blok. I am expecting some good things from this game, but I have not been able to figure out how to get it on the App Store’s “New” list just yet.

  2. Thanks for the info!

    My app, 100sounds, reached as high as #33 overall, and being in the Top 50 or even Top 100 was a big boost to sales, as people see that on the iPhone or in iTunes. But if you’re not in the Top 100, you have to do traditional advertising. You can’t expect to ‘build it and they will come.’

  3. Very interesting. Thanks for your blog!

    I have one app – Formul8 – in the App Store. I was the highest selling formula app (AFAIK,) but you’d be surprised how much your app’s name affects sales. When I added “Formulas for Math, Science, and Chemistry” to the name, sales surged to 70/day.

  4. I have an app, Radio, which has been selling in the App Store since December. Last Friday I released an update that includes Pinch Media analytics. I got great data back in just 5 days of reports. For example I was able to fin out the Top 10 internet radio stations my users listen to, which I added as a “User Favorite” directory. I also know how many times a day my users listen to Radio (twice a day) and for how long (30 minutes total on the average, with a single session averaging 21 minutes).

    I already knew my “country” demographics from the web server logs, but I was able to find out the devices usage, for example.

    E-mail me and I will be happy to give you the actual tables for your e-book.

  5. I run a small interactive agency and we just got into iPhone development about a month ago. Our first application, Rusty Trombone, has been in its category (Music) Top 100 since we launched 03/01. We just submitted a free version of the app today and I’m working on getting Pinch into the next update for both, as well as our upcoming applications and games. These stats are very interesting and much appreciated as it seems hard to come by with few sharing their experiences.

  6. Hi,

    Nice to see some data about another iphone app, not sure why more people arn’t so transparent. Congrats on the great download figures on wobble. The company i work for, ustwo, have released a couple of iphone apps, which we have been posting full sales data about also.

    I have a post on my personal blog which goes into more detail, and also links to daily download data.

    you can check it out @

    hope this helps :)


  7. This is a great post!

    I learned to embed analytics code in my app for solid tracking. lifesaver!

    BUT, is there a website or place we can go to display daily or hourly app store rank?

    Feel free to check out my app in the link.

    I would also be glad to share numbers with you. The app launched about 2pm on 12/30/09, in less than 48 hours we have 26 downloads. :)

  8. I just released my first app, TranslateNow, on AppStore, a language translator using google translate technology. My question when I search for translator apps using keywords I provided, I hardly find my app. Only when I enter the full name then I can see it. Anubody know how to rank well in search on AppStore?

  9. understand that this post is at least 2 years old, but wondering how much have things changed especially after the change in ranking algo too.
    looking at how ranking details can be used to offer some better analytics details for developer to better price their apps from if we can scrap the numbers of top apps version the different prices that get popular very quickly.

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