Wobble Rejected for Being “Too Suggestive”!

Recently we sent an update for Wobble to Apple. The update has just been rejected for being too suggestive…

The existing Application can still be bought here.

We now have to resubmit, which might take another 4-5 days to get thru the approval process – we have only been told not to put the “wobble targets” on top of the silhouette.

Here is the icon:

UPDATE: we’re going to try this one!

Ok, so it is suggestive… no more suggestive than this though?(chill people, it’s just a Target TV Advert!)  

I say that our icon *is* suggestive of what the Application does!

I have said it before – developers have 57 x 57 icon and 16 characters in the App Store to “advertise” their app to potential buyers – we are competing with thousands of other Applications and we need to differentiate.

Here are some other applications that cater for the same market – we are competing for eyeballs with these apps:

wobble competition copy

Without a set guideline from Apple how can we tell what will pass and what will not? Surely they must brief their own staff – why not make the rules public so all developers work to the same songsheet!?

Meanwhile our users miss out on these updates.

1. Intensity and duration adjustments for Wobbles.
2. Thumbnails of Wobbles show when saved.
3. Zoom and crop photos before adding Wobbles.
4. Edit name of Wobbles when saving.
5. New improved icon
6. Help Screens

Would have been nice to have it approved, since the Free version advertises the features in Wobble Premium! Now we are getting hate mail from users :-\

UPDATE: New version uploaded

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