Wobble Premium “Ready for Sale”

Apple have been kind enough to fast track the approval of Wobble Premium after initially declining it for being “Too Suggestive”

It should land in the Appstore in the next hour or so.

What do you get with the new version? A few things which you’ll love and one that you won’t!

1. Intensity and duration adjustments for Wobbles just tap this icon btn-dropdown-config  on the preview screen to get these sliders, tap again to hide them.

2. Thumbnails of Wobbles show when saved.
3. Zoom and crop photos before adding Wobbles.
4. Edit name of Wobbles when saving.
5. New improved icon
6. Help Screens

What wont you love? Well we wanted to push our new Application Splatface… and since we have given you all these updates for no extra cost, we thought you wouldn’t mind if we put a small ad on the splash screen like this, we didn’t think you’d mind :-)

5 thoughts on “Wobble Premium “Ready for Sale””

  1. I just got the update and my previous saved wobbles have their hot-spots moved…

  2. Same as Christopher, the hotspots moved, and on one of my images it appears to have zoomed in somehow.

  3. The app was tested pretty extensively – unfortunately it is IMPOSSIBLE to give a zoom and crop feature without messing up some saved Wobbles.

    I find it pretty amazing that some people have got so upset about this, sure I can understand it is a little annoying, but it will only take a few minutes to zoom the pics (now that you can) and reposition the wobbles. Also pretty amazing is the number of people that have only just noticed that you can re-size the wobble regions by pinching them… I guess some 14 year olds can’t read instructions?

    Anyway, yes, it’s a bug, yes we’ll look at a fix, but it will only happen one time.

    We have spent a month and a lot of $ building the update and a huge sharing network that will be released soon, only to find that some reviewers have gone and given us a one star rating for a bug that is easily fixed on their side!

    Some reviewers seem to demand features in an abusive manner whilst ignoring the fact that we don’t actually have to provide an update at all, we don’t make any money out of updates, we’re just trying to make our customers happier!

    Sorry about the rant – but if you look at the reviews on Wobble now – you can probably see why I’m annoyed…

    Oh and to the ungrateful, puerile fools who gave crappy reviews because we didn’t GIVE you password protection for your Wobbles:
    1. please learn to spell
    2. learn to ask for something nicely
    3. say thank you
    4. put a password on your phone!
    5. I doubt that we’ll GIVE you that feature now

  4. I think lot of people love the app but hesitate to buy. It’s not just the owner who always uses the iphone. Kids grab the phone from Dad and play on it. So it is a danger to have bouncing boobs on Dad’s iphone. For that reason many people won’t dare to buy it.

    One solution is to have a lock on the app. One must enter the pass code to get in. That way all boobs are safe inside even some one uses your iphone other than you. Love to see that in the next version.
    Just a thought.

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