About Time – Apple Finally Fixing Search??

igirl keywords

For the past month iGirl was the ONLY app in the store that the “recommended for fans of” search trick worked for. I mentioned this a while back.

I must stress that iGirl was NOT the only developer doing this originally, they just seemed to be getting away with it for longer…

When you did a search for iSteam, Wobble or virtualy any other App name, iGirl used to come up – now it doesn’t.

We were using this method too, with a “Customers who bought Wobble also bought these Apps” – with a list of some apps that matched the Wobble demographic.

Now that the playing field is being levelled it will be fairer to compete!

It seems like this “fix” is rolling through the App store, and removing Apps from searches that shouldn’t be there… not sure of the algorithm, nor the timing, but it seems the database is updating slowly.

Any comments – or other observations welcome…

Wobble Share – Coming Next Week

This is really going to go large! You will be able to email Wobbles to friends, even if they don’t have an iPhone or iPod Touch!

Be first in line to try it out and grab Wobble Premium today, with Wobble Premium you will also be able to view shared Wobbles from your friends.

The biggest and best feature is embedding – yep – you will be able to embed a wobble, which you can shake, in any blog, profile or web page! This is a definite first for any iPhone App.

Plus we have some incredible new updated features in store for Wobble Premium – super funny :-)

Click the link on the left and go buy it now, you will not be disappointed!

Wow! Our Addictive New Puzzle!

I’ve just been playing our new puzzle game, which should be available on the Appstore in a week or so.


The last time I got really stuck into a game and had to keep going (through all 100 levels) was with Blocked. I think Monsters is going to be the same. What do expect from a puzzle with 23,781,703,680 combinations!! Don’t worry, it will only have 45 levels, but it’s very addictive… :-)

At this point I really have to give a lot of credit to Warren – the designer; if you want design work done, I couldn’t recommend anyone better qualified! Drop me a line for his contact details, and join the queue!

Credit is also due to the outsourced Dev team – great project management has seen all of our projects delivered on time and budget, it might surprise you to learn that the original Wobble cost just $15,000, and has so far Netted over $200,000! Drop me a line if you want to contact the dev team!

WindPower – Power Your iPhone with the Wind!

Not only can you power your phone with Wind, it has a solar charging system built in too!

Here’s a fun App that we just had approved – we’re releasing it FREE, until the first update which will give you a real wind speed meter.

So Grab it while it is Free and get the Free updates when we release them :-)

Buy Windpower in iTunes here

Note the Sneak Peek of our upcoming Puzzle too:


Count Down to 1 Billion

So Apple are having a competition to see if they can sell more of the most popular apps, to make them um… more popular!1 billion sales

This will impact the store in the following ways:

Skew the top 100 lists a bit more, again.
Make it difficult for new apps to get up there for the next month.
Make these Apps even more popular, so they will probably remain as the top apps forever.
It will also probably not increase sales much, since these Apps have already been bought the most.

Apple might be better off promoting new new and unseen apps that have been recently popular (where si Skype for example?)

Congrats to the devs in the list, bad luck for anyone who wants to break into the club!

Transplant Approved, Ready For Sale

Our latest Application has just been approved for sale. It’s sure to be a hit with the same crowd that bought our Wobble Application, plus many more people are going to have fun with it. (might take an hour or so to appear)

Cue the evil laugh, and get down to chopping up your friends :-)

TRANSPLANT! For the Fiendishly Deviant!

Cut, Chop, Slice & Dice!

Perform obscene* experiments with your friends heads limbs, and other human or animal body parts!
*When we say obscene, we mean that in the nicest possible way :-)

We’re trying to get a new App out every week, but we might have two next week. Each App adds incrementally to our overall income, and therefore to our ability to grow the business.

I think Transplant has the qualities to get into the top 100 – what do you think? Our next two Apps definitely do – a game and a novelty App – the game is top 10 material :-)

Buy Transplant Here!

 transplant 1 TransplantScreenshot1

Appstore – A better Search System Needed

I’ve been thinking about how to make the Appstore search method better for consumers. Currently Search is broken.

A better way to search. Suggestion

Apple have apparently sold 800 Million Apps (I’d say that could be 1B by now, that number is old)
They know who bought what
They know if you have deleted App
They know if you have updated an app
They know if you have commented or rated an app
They know what everyone else has done who also bought the same apps

So they should have a personalised recommendation section – customised for each iTunes account holder using the data above. It would improve sales considerably. And make the experience better for users who would not be confronted with 30,000 unsorted apps. They would see a section showing just what was recommended for them!

For example, I have Blocked, several other puzzle games, 5 novelty entertainment apps such as Wobble installed, Twitter and a few communications apps, and Japanese, kanji, and Chinese translator travel apps. It would be simple for Apple to suggest:

1. A new communication app such as Skype when it comes out
2. A new game that was also installed by 30% of the people that also have Blocked
3. A new novelty app that was installed by the people who have Wobble installed
4. A new Kanji learning flip card app

Just like Amazon – who email me every week with "We noticed that customers who bought X also bought Y" If they wanted to be even more active with it, they could have a green circle with a number on it on the Appstore icon (just like the updates available icon)

Anyone agree?

Apple Changes the Top 100

Now why would they do that – Apple have just changed the setup of the top 100 so that company names are listed instead of the category:


top paid entertainment



This REDUCES discoverability! so if you are browsing the top 100, you now get to see what the developer has developed instead of other Apps in that Genre.

This makes the incumbents stronger – so since I have another 7 Apps in development we’ll benefit – but just try breaking into this game in a years time!