Apple Retaliates??

Apple really need to get some consistency. Or at least tell us what the rules actually are!

Sales for our new app recently dropped by a few hundred per day, so I investigated.

Do a search for iGirl and Wobble doesn’t come up, do a search for Wobble and iGirl comes up – hmmm…

Do a search for “Wobble” on USA/iTunes/Appstore and you get 26 applications in the results – in their descriptions, all of them say “Recommended for fans of Wobble” together with a list of other apps. Many of them are currently higher up the charts than we are.

And yet,

Do a search for “SplatFace” (our new app) on USA/iTunes/Appstore and you get one result – even though that text is mentioned in the Wobble and Wobble Free description.

As a test – I put some unique character strings in each of the descriptions for all three of our Apps and sure enough, none of them come up in our searches.

Apple are blocking our “recommended for fans of iGirl etc” text in our description.

To be clear this change only impacted us late on Friday and these searches worked on Thursday. Perhaps commenting on the Techcrunch story and on iPhone dev forum was not a good idea?

You may wonder what is this text worth in the rather weak Appstore Search environment? Well my tests show that you can get around 3-400 extra sales per day by having “recommended for fans of <insert top 20 app here>” text in your description. Spamming? Well that isn’t the point here, it is consistency – or lack thereof.

It seems that it’s another “variable” rule employed by Apple to get the outcomes they want in the store – they don’t want Apps that Wobble Boobs, so they censor the text, then they censor the icons, now they outright block Wobble in searches!

We have currently removed our “recommended list” pending resolution to this queries we have put to Apple:
– What is acceptable???
– Is it use of trademark terms?
– Why are our competitors seemingly allowed to do what we are not AGAIN (re icon discrepancies mentioned last week)

iGirl description:


Is this Apple retaliating for me speaking out on some forums regarding Apple not paying on time? See Techcrunch last week. Comments?

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  1. I just searched and it shows Wobble Bikini Babe… $.99, Wobble FREE (upda… FREE, iGirl $.99, iGirl (Lite) FREE, iStrip – Sexy Pen $.99 as the first 5 searches when I searched on my phone (US, 4PM PST).


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