Apple Tweaks the Appstore

In the Appstore there is a section known as “New and Noteworthy” there is also sections “Whats Hot” and “Staff Favorites” All of these sections are used by Apple to tweak the top lists and push stuff out they don’t like, and push stuff up that they do!

New and noteworthy is Apple manipulating what they want to see in the top lists by tilting the playing field, and not related to an Apps release date.

For example the first in the new and noteworthy atm is Parking Lot released in Oct 2008 – a competitor to Blocked – Blocked has been at the top of the charts for a while now, not surprisingly it is now heading down the top 100, since Apple has pitched Parking Lot against it…

Parking Lot has got to #4 in the top 100 (in just over a week) and blocked has dropped to #12 from #9 yesterday – same game different skin – and Apple has helped this change by featuring Parking Lot in new and noteworthy.

Parking Lot also has 450 levels whereas Blocked had 100, so all those Blocked users might be hungering for more – maybe it’s time for Blocked to release an update??

This tweaking of the Appstore ensures that it stays fresh and boosts sales overall.

So this is NOT a fair/transparent market, Apple own it and it works how *they* want. Devs should not not be surprised if it is hard to break into the market with all these forces potentially working against them.

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