Apple Changes the Top 100

Now why would they do that – Apple have just changed the setup of the top 100 so that company names are listed instead of the category:


top paid entertainment



This REDUCES discoverability! so if you are browsing the top 100, you now get to see what the developer has developed instead of other Apps in that Genre.

This makes the incumbents stronger – so since I have another 7 Apps in development we’ll benefit – but just try breaking into this game in a years time!

1 thought on “Apple Changes the Top 100”

  1. I dont know. I see your point, but I also like the fact that I’d be able to see other Apps that you’ve created instead of trying to type your company name into the search. I dont do _ANY_ App searches via iTunes, so a lot of the changes youve mentioned this week havent really effected me or anyone else who does all their searches/purchases through their iPhone (at least not yet).

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