Appstore – A better Search System Needed

I’ve been thinking about how to make the Appstore search method better for consumers. Currently Search is broken.

A better way to search. Suggestion

Apple have apparently sold 800 Million Apps (I’d say that could be 1B by now, that number is old)
They know who bought what
They know if you have deleted App
They know if you have updated an app
They know if you have commented or rated an app
They know what everyone else has done who also bought the same apps

So they should have a personalised recommendation section – customised for each iTunes account holder using the data above. It would improve sales considerably. And make the experience better for users who would not be confronted with 30,000 unsorted apps. They would see a section showing just what was recommended for them!

For example, I have Blocked, several other puzzle games, 5 novelty entertainment apps such as Wobble installed, Twitter and a few communications apps, and Japanese, kanji, and Chinese translator travel apps. It would be simple for Apple to suggest:

1. A new communication app such as Skype when it comes out
2. A new game that was also installed by 30% of the people that also have Blocked
3. A new novelty app that was installed by the people who have Wobble installed
4. A new Kanji learning flip card app

Just like Amazon – who email me every week with "We noticed that customers who bought X also bought Y" If they wanted to be even more active with it, they could have a green circle with a number on it on the Appstore icon (just like the updates available icon)

Anyone agree?

2 thoughts on “Appstore – A better Search System Needed”

  1. Completely agree…

    It’s really strange that they don’t…

    They already have the technology as they do the whole “people who bought your selection bought…” on the email receipts.

  2. I love your take on all of this. You have managed to summarize much of the frustration I have encountered since I started working on an article about iPhone apps a couple days ago. I wonder why Apple is intentionally keeping all this info under its vest? I can think of a few reasons, LOL, but would love to hear your thoughts too.

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