Transplant Approved, Ready For Sale

Our latest Application has just been approved for sale. It’s sure to be a hit with the same crowd that bought our Wobble Application, plus many more people are going to have fun with it. (might take an hour or so to appear)

Cue the evil laugh, and get down to chopping up your friends :-)

TRANSPLANT! For the Fiendishly Deviant!

Cut, Chop, Slice & Dice!

Perform obscene* experiments with your friends heads limbs, and other human or animal body parts!
*When we say obscene, we mean that in the nicest possible way :-)

We’re trying to get a new App out every week, but we might have two next week. Each App adds incrementally to our overall income, and therefore to our ability to grow the business.

I think Transplant has the qualities to get into the top 100 – what do you think? Our next two Apps definitely do – a game and a novelty App – the game is top 10 material :-)

Buy Transplant Here!

 transplant 1 TransplantScreenshot1

2 thoughts on “Transplant Approved, Ready For Sale”

  1. Interesting. Took about 3 mins with it and it seems kinda cool. The only thing I can recommend at this point is being able to rotate the images after they have been selected.

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