Wow! Our Addictive New Puzzle!

I’ve just been playing our new puzzle game, which should be available on the Appstore in a week or so.


The last time I got really stuck into a game and had to keep going (through all 100 levels) was with Blocked. I think Monsters is going to be the same. What do expect from a puzzle with 23,781,703,680 combinations!! Don’t worry, it will only have 45 levels, but it’s very addictive… :-)

At this point I really have to give a lot of credit to Warren – the designer; if you want design work done, I couldn’t recommend anyone better qualified! Drop me a line for his contact details, and join the queue!

Credit is also due to the outsourced Dev team – great project management has seen all of our projects delivered on time and budget, it might surprise you to learn that the original Wobble cost just $15,000, and has so far Netted over $200,000! Drop me a line if you want to contact the dev team!

2 thoughts on “Wow! Our Addictive New Puzzle!”

  1. Awesome! I can’t wait to play this after seeing the monster’s pop up on your header image.

  2. Great sharing of your Iphone ventures. I’m been wanting to try out this market, would appreciate if you send me your developer and designer contacts.


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