About Time – Apple Finally Fixing Search??

igirl keywords

For the past month iGirl was the ONLY app in the store that the “recommended for fans of” search trick worked for. I mentioned this a while back.

I must stress that iGirl was NOT the only developer doing this originally, they just seemed to be getting away with it for longer…

When you did a search for iSteam, Wobble or virtualy any other App name, iGirl used to come up – now it doesn’t.

We were using this method too, with a “Customers who bought Wobble also bought these Apps” – with a list of some apps that matched the Wobble demographic.

Now that the playing field is being levelled it will be fairer to compete!

It seems like this “fix” is rolling through the App store, and removing Apps from searches that shouldn’t be there… not sure of the algorithm, nor the timing, but it seems the database is updating slowly.

Any comments – or other observations welcome…

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