“Trolls” Puzzle App On Sale!

After a few rejections from Apple our new Application is finally live.

Buy it Here – Right Now

Trolls is a simple 9 piece puzzle game with a deviously hidden secret… It’s difficult.

45 Levels, each one slightly more difficult than the last… You’ve tried Blocked and Parking Lot, now try something that will really test your patience!

Where Rubik’s Cube was the must have game of the Eighties, Trolls is set to be the must have Puzzle of this decade. Rubiks Cube had a possible 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 permutations, Trolls has a far more manageable 23,781,703,680!!

Big Numbers… Are you set for a challenge?

The rules are simple. Position the 9 pieces on the board in a square with all of the Trolls matching up.

That’s it… Easy huh? I mean how hard can completing a 9 puzzle piece be?

Trolls Screenshots:

Trolls iPhone $10,000 Challenge game splash

Trolls Icon and Ad panel:
Trolls $10,000 Challenge   mmatch-icon-512px-v01b

Piracy and the Appstore

Buy Wobble Premium here or you can also buy Wobble Premium Here.

Pirates like Boobs…!

Can you spot anything strange about this graph?



How about if I told you that it was a graph of our NEW users? As you can see this appears to be averaging about 1100 per day and then jumps up to 2629 new users on May 15th. The jump occurred the day after we updated.


Um, no it isn’t. Our “new user” stats for Wobble Premium – those who actually paid for the application via the Appstore – was closer to 260 on May 15th and never went about 350 for the whole period of that graph.

Where are these other new users coming from? Aaaaaaarrrrr… that would be somewhat piratical.

The cracked App pirates install our Boob Wobbling App – Wobble more than legitimate iPhone users.

Now here’s something funny. These pirates don’t realise that we can see everything they do on their phones/ipods while they have Wobble running/installed. Below is a section of our logs showing actions performed by said pirates (there is loads more data which I will keep private for the moment).

If we can track this, then Apple can track who is pirating software too.

I should make it clear that the data recorded below is due to a security hole in jailbroken phones – and it comes to us via our analytics package. My point there was that Apple could track piracy if they wanted to.

More importantly people using jailbroken phones should realise that they are NOT secure!

Pirates like music and games
Searches performed include bank, hospital, so I guess pirates also like money and getting their peg legs serviced:

License HotWobble Technology

I’ve had a few queries on how this system works… simple explanation follows, and a video will be uploaded tomorrow demonstrating the features.

HotWobble - share your iPhone photo wobbles!

1. A Wobble user decides to share a Wobble, if they have already created an account they can share a link via email from the Wobble Free, Lite or Premium versions. If they don’t have an account they get sent to a web page to create one. We collect the email address for future news updates of our upcoming releases!

2. They can email the HotWobble link like this one: http://www.hotwobble.com/wobble/mdfSlcC8VQJIIm2-TeSkcQ
to their friends, or they can embed the Wobble in their profiles, web pages or blogs. So far this is resulting in an average page view count of a bit over 8.5 page views per unique.

3. If the friend has an iPhone and they view the page in iPhone Safari (90.25%) they get shown a page that will open the composition directly in Wobble or prompt to install Wobble if they do not already have it, (huge viral growth opportunity) or they can view it via flash on their desktop machine.

4. The friend then downloads the Wobble and can shake it or edit it, as if they owned they image originally.

We are prepared to license this technology to other App  Devs.

Increase engagement,
Open a direct communication channel with users,
Create an advertising platform
Viral growth of your App installs
Customer satisfaction
Possible Applications
Game scores,
Image manipulations sharing (like bikini/facemelter etc),
Document sharing
GPS routes etc
Farts obviously 😉

Comment below and I will email back.

Wobble Share Day 1

We launched the new version of Wobble yesterday, and so far over 1000 Wobbles have been shared via Hotwobble.com. using the new Share feature on Wobble. Those shares have generated more than 12,000 page views and added about 25% to our sales across all the apps that are advertised on the Hotwobble site.

Happy with that so far.

I’m not so happy with some of the users of HotWobble though – some are uploading purely pornographic pictures which is causing me a lot of extra work right atm! We’ll have a “report this” link hotfix deployed in the next day or so,. The flag/moderation system will automate the screening of images and hopefully the Wobble community will self police to a degree.

There have been a lot of funny pics uploaded, and a LOT of images of um, visually appealing women (NSFW) uploaded in the first day, and I guess this will continue, given that Hotwobble is primarily designed to allow direct sharing between iPhones and iPods and secondarily direct to PC/Mac browsers!

At the moment I am manually deleting porn, and anything that includes genitalia, regardless of how funny some of these are ( I won’t elaborate)!

Try shaking the phone below ;-) 

Wobble Share is Live!

So now you should buy Wobble Premium if you haven’t already! :-)

Word of warning! Some users have already uploaded some NSFW images to Hotwobble.com! We will have a filter available later today I hope to remove some of the more offensive things exercise care in the mean time..

In the new version of Wobble Premium you can:

1.  Share and receive shared Wobbles – in the Free and Lite versions you cannot receive Wobbles from friends (you can still view them on a PC/Mac, but not the iPhone or iPod.) So here’s a hint: buy the premium version :-)

2. Blow on the Wobbles to make them move – this is pretty funny and must be seen :-) I’ll upload a video soon to demo.

3. You can send Wobbles to friends, even if they don’t have Wobble installed. They will get a link like this:
http://hotwobble.com/wobble/UpEqJR3ECPS3hLqpIJpDEQ in their email.

4. You can embed Wobbles in your blogs/profiles/social pages like this:

Advertise Your iPhone Application

We’ve been hard at work over the last few months building something awesome! Wobble Share…

Wobble Apps have a total installed user base of more than 800,000, which makes them some of the most popular on the App store. Those numbers are set to explode over the coming month with the Wobble Sharing Platform launch next week.

The website is undergoing final setup and testing.

All Wobble users will get an update next week that will enable them to share wobbles via HotWobble.com and also embed Wobbles in their profiles, blogs and web pages – much like you can embed Youtube Videos.

If you are an iPhone developer you are probably keen to get exposure and installs for your Applications. HotWobble has the ability to drive significant sales your way.

We have six 180×150 banner slots available (We plan to use 3 of those slots), so if you or your company are interested please email me asap. Pricing is $1250 per week – preference will be given to larger paid blocks. With 800,000 users all grabbing an update next week you need to be quick! Long term bookings are given preference to reduce admin.