Wobble Share is Live!

So now you should buy Wobble Premium if you haven’t already! :-)

Word of warning! Some users have already uploaded some NSFW images to Hotwobble.com! We will have a filter available later today I hope to remove some of the more offensive things exercise care in the mean time..

In the new version of Wobble Premium you can:

1.  Share and receive shared Wobbles – in the Free and Lite versions you cannot receive Wobbles from friends (you can still view them on a PC/Mac, but not the iPhone or iPod.) So here’s a hint: buy the premium version :-)

2. Blow on the Wobbles to make them move – this is pretty funny and must be seen :-) I’ll upload a video soon to demo.

3. You can send Wobbles to friends, even if they don’t have Wobble installed. They will get a link like this:
http://hotwobble.com/wobble/UpEqJR3ECPS3hLqpIJpDEQ in their email.

4. You can embed Wobbles in your blogs/profiles/social pages like this:

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