License HotWobble Technology

I’ve had a few queries on how this system works… simple explanation follows, and a video will be uploaded tomorrow demonstrating the features.

HotWobble - share your iPhone photo wobbles!

1. A Wobble user decides to share a Wobble, if they have already created an account they can share a link via email from the Wobble Free, Lite or Premium versions. If they don’t have an account they get sent to a web page to create one. We collect the email address for future news updates of our upcoming releases!

2. They can email the HotWobble link like this one:
to their friends, or they can embed the Wobble in their profiles, web pages or blogs. So far this is resulting in an average page view count of a bit over 8.5 page views per unique.

3. If the friend has an iPhone and they view the page in iPhone Safari (90.25%) they get shown a page that will open the composition directly in Wobble or prompt to install Wobble if they do not already have it, (huge viral growth opportunity) or they can view it via flash on their desktop machine.

4. The friend then downloads the Wobble and can shake it or edit it, as if they owned they image originally.

We are prepared to license this technology to other App  Devs.

Increase engagement,
Open a direct communication channel with users,
Create an advertising platform
Viral growth of your App installs
Customer satisfaction
Possible Applications
Game scores,
Image manipulations sharing (like bikini/facemelter etc),
Document sharing
GPS routes etc
Farts obviously 😉

Comment below and I will email back.

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  1. How come you can’t include stock photos of girls etc within the application so you don’t have to find your own?

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