Wobble Share Day 1

We launched the new version of Wobble yesterday, and so far over 1000 Wobbles have been shared via Hotwobble.com. using the new Share feature on Wobble. Those shares have generated more than 12,000 page views and added about 25% to our sales across all the apps that are advertised on the Hotwobble site.

Happy with that so far.

I’m not so happy with some of the users of HotWobble though – some are uploading purely pornographic pictures which is causing me a lot of extra work right atm! We’ll have a “report this” link hotfix deployed in the next day or so,. The flag/moderation system will automate the screening of images and hopefully the Wobble community will self police to a degree.

There have been a lot of funny pics uploaded, and a LOT of images of um, visually appealing women (NSFW) uploaded in the first day, and I guess this will continue, given that Hotwobble is primarily designed to allow direct sharing between iPhones and iPods and secondarily direct to PC/Mac browsers!

At the moment I am manually deleting porn, and anything that includes genitalia, regardless of how funny some of these are ( I won’t elaborate)!

Try shaking the phone below ;-) 

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