Piracy and the Appstore

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Pirates like Boobs…!

Can you spot anything strange about this graph?



How about if I told you that it was a graph of our NEW users? As you can see this appears to be averaging about 1100 per day and then jumps up to 2629 new users on May 15th. The jump occurred the day after we updated.


Um, no it isn’t. Our “new user” stats for Wobble Premium – those who actually paid for the application via the Appstore – was closer to 260 on May 15th and never went about 350 for the whole period of that graph.

Where are these other new users coming from? Aaaaaaarrrrr… that would be somewhat piratical.

The cracked App pirates install our Boob Wobbling App – Wobble more than legitimate iPhone users.

Now here’s something funny. These pirates don’t realise that we can see everything they do on their phones/ipods while they have Wobble running/installed. Below is a section of our logs showing actions performed by said pirates (there is loads more data which I will keep private for the moment).

If we can track this, then Apple can track who is pirating software too.

I should make it clear that the data recorded below is due to a security hole in jailbroken phones – and it comes to us via our analytics package. My point there was that Apple could track piracy if they wanted to.

More importantly people using jailbroken phones should realise that they are NOT secure!

Pirates like music and games
Searches performed include bank, hospital, so I guess pirates also like money and getting their peg legs serviced:

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