“Trolls” Puzzle App On Sale!

After a few rejections from Apple our new Application is finally live.

Buy it Here – Right Now

Trolls is a simple 9 piece puzzle game with a deviously hidden secret… It’s difficult.

45 Levels, each one slightly more difficult than the last… You’ve tried Blocked and Parking Lot, now try something that will really test your patience!

Where Rubik’s Cube was the must have game of the Eighties, Trolls is set to be the must have Puzzle of this decade. Rubiks Cube had a possible 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 permutations, Trolls has a far more manageable 23,781,703,680!!

Big Numbers… Are you set for a challenge?

The rules are simple. Position the 9 pieces on the board in a square with all of the Trolls matching up.

That’s it… Easy huh? I mean how hard can completing a 9 puzzle piece be?

Trolls Screenshots:

Trolls iPhone $10,000 Challenge game splash

Trolls Icon and Ad panel:
Trolls $10,000 Challenge   mmatch-icon-512px-v01b

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