Steamworks: Our New Game


This is another Puzzle game, the premise is that you need to get Steam moving around between parts of a machine, in a particular order. The order is given to you, then you just need to move the pieces by tapping them.sw-machine3-anim1

Quite enjoyable pass time puzzle with a really nice animation sequence at the end of each level.

This game develops logical thinking, strategy, and visual/spatial perception.

It’s fun too! It is pretty easy to get the hang of, and kids should have no problem giving it a go – probably from about 8-10 upwards.

Once again the graphics will set this game apart from other puzzles available in the Appstore, really nice work by our designer!

You can buy Steamworks here.

Here are some screenshots:



sw-splash-v01       sw-ad-180x150-v01a