eBook Reader on iPad

So, I have a kindle.

Kindle has an iPhone App.

I will buy an iPad.

QED – Amazon have a full color ebook reader. Importantly the Kindle device isn’t deeded for this…

2 thoughts on “eBook Reader on iPad”

  1. So will Amazon let the Kindle die or migrate to a full-color iPad-like Kindle? Considering that Amazon is not traditionally in the hardware business, you have to wonder if they have the stomach for the competition.

  2. There eBook is a great device – once you start reading one you foget what it is – the story or what ever you are reading is front and center – not so sure about how a bright screen will work.

    There is a Kindle App – which unless Apple deletes it, will work just fine on the iPad – so I am not sure Amazon will need to compete – although I note they are developing color epaper now.

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