iPad – Obvious Omissions for V2

OK, so details have been released… I have a few gripes:

  • too many adapters, surely they could have had a USB port, just one?
  • No camera, forward facing would  have been good
  • wtf? No gps! This is a very big omission imo – imagine this device as a turn by turn navigator! (update… apparently GPS included)

These are all obvious omissions that might become available in V2.

That said this device will be good for news reading & multitasking while watching TV, I used to use an iPod Touch for this (news reader), then moved to iPhone, then Macbook Air, but I think this will eclipse them all and probably replace my Kindle as well.

While on the subject of Kindle the battleground here will be over licensing – it seems to me in Australia that Amazon have very few international deals in place and the “best sellers” are mostly not available (despite their claims on the USA website) – what is more, the discovery experience is horrible on the Kindle. The reading experience is quite good though.

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