Who is Apple Kidding?

The Playboy App has now moved from about 20 to number 10 in the entertainment section. And NOT on the strength of it’s reviews – people HATE this app – most reviews are 1 Star – Wobble had 60% 5 Star ratings – everybody loved it that bought it :-).

Plenty of skin and a bare arse in the screenshots of the Playboy App that is still in the store – see below – these pics break every rule that they have told me about.

What’s the storyApple – have you done a sweet heart publishing deal for a new format Playboy magazine on the iPad??? Don’t want to piss off your new partner??

playboy in appstore

When you start looking there is some pretty weird stuff available in the iTunes Store – in fact some downright disgusting things – if you are easily offended do not even start to look for the obvious search terms in podcasts, I’m not going to go into too much detail but there is some real filth available.

When you compare this stuff to Wobble – which had a silhouette of a woman with 2 targets superimposed – I am STUNNED that Apple has blocked our App.

Look at this stuff – think of a word and do a search – it’s all there:

pussy search on iTunes

porn search in iTunes

9 thoughts on “Who is Apple Kidding?”

  1. This is the thing that pisses me off the most… I’m a dev that had a few apps removed – they were HUMOR apps that happened to contain some really tame photos of bikini girls. As in your case (and many others) they were not at all “overtly sexual”.

    I have no idea why Playboy and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit apps are still available – it’s extremely hypocritical of Apple and makes them look like a bunch of a-holes. I will continue to develop apps for iPhoneOS, but will also be taking a more serious look at Android now.

  2. Yes, Android is now suddenly a lot more interesting for me too – does anyone have any stats for pay apps on Android?

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