It’s OK for Apple to Use Sex to Sell?

Lets be clear – Wobble shipped with no content.

For the record,  I don’t think adult apps have a place in the appstore, unless the rating system works and the content can be properly blocked – icons and all, as if they never existed – from people that don’t want to see this stuff. I’d block it from my kids iPods and leave it unblocked on mine, and ignore it if I wanted to…

However, a couple of people have supported Apples view that bikinis should be removed (!) from the Appstore altogether – this is a hypocritical stance from Apple and I’ll tell you why… Apple use sex to sell their own products!

From a “corruption of children’s minds” perspective – how does this image:

differ from this one:


They both highlight a woman’s breasts, and they both use sex to sell – the top image is how Apple portray themselves in their own advertising.

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