Apps are Still Disappearing

971 page sin entertainment

At this rate it will have an impact on Apple revenue! 😉

I’m sorry that I didn’t get a screenshot when this all started on Friday… Anyone got a window open still or better stats source?

If you look at iTunes in the center panel you will see how many pages of apps there are – at 20 per page – the total number of pages was over 1100 in the entertainment section on Friday midday (au time) so about 22,000 Apps in entertainment.

By about 24 hours ago that was down to 974 pages of Apps.

Today that is 971 or 19,420 in just the entertainment section – that is 2580 deleted so far but Apple are clearly not finished yet:

UPDATE: here is some interesting data  Macrumors reported  originally from  showing over 5000 apps deleted by Apple. So far, the removals represent about 3% of the total number of apps in the App Store – Note my numbers above are just Entertainment section.

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  1. I deleted it because I had to trade in my device now I can’t re download it because it was not synced to my iTunes… $1 down the drain.

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