Censorship: Pretty Hot Topic

Seems like Apples actions have hit a nerve. All they had to do was be nice about it, but instead they just slammed hundreds of devs into the ground. After changing the rules a few times to mislead and confuse everybody.

There have been more than 250articles written about this story, the major news stories are here:

New York Post
Wall Street Journal
Sky News,
Techcrunch – most commented post I have seen for a while
Gizmodo – again a hugely commented post
PC World
Huffington Post – they made an error wrt Wobble iBoobs, wrong screenshot
Cult of Mac
Mac Rumours – 350 positves vs 469 negatives – I guess that the majority don’t want censorship
Economic Times
CNet – they have a great poll up as well which I will link to in the next post.
Apple Insider
Plus a load more

UPDATE 24th Feb

apple censor story

2 thoughts on “Censorship: Pretty Hot Topic”

  1. I really believe that Apple are moving in the wrong direction. Isn’t it the choice of all of us what we want to see and use. Will the next generation of the Iphone-software say want content I can look at and the phone’s camera decide what I can fotograph?

    I am really scared of their behavior….

    Best regards


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