Gee Thanks Apple – Made $7 Today

I was one of the first to tout how great the Appstore was and how much income could be made during the early appstore gold rush. I documented the great opportunity that Apple had given us.

I recommended that developers get on board, it was a great ecosystem. Money to be made, and it was pretty secure income too.

In the last year, the company I work for has earned a lot, and has been making a solid ~$500 a day which is funding development of our next App. (called Blabr and totally SFW – so no chance Apple will hit it with the Ban Hammer)

I’m now worried…
The ecosystem is run by puritans
The ecosystem is not fair to all players
The ecosystem is run by hypocrites

And worst of all it is NOT a secure source of income – as you can see below – it can drop to bloody close to zero if they “decide to change the rules”

I’m not the only one that is worried – I’ve been contacted by other devs who are scared to speak out, lest Apple decide to not pay them!!

Screen shot 2010-02-22 at 9.35.46 AM

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  1. the problem is not just apple hurting your income, but also that you were banking on a novelty app. novelties come and go as fascinations wane. just a simple flaw in your business. it just so happens that the income dried up sooner than it would with its normal life expectancy due to apple’s standards, which is unfortunate

  2. Actually if you look at the graph it is a long tail that goes on for ever, we do a bit of PR every few months and it pops back into the charts.
    Its as bankable as iFart (charts for 15 months) isteam, iBeer, etc etc.

  3. Looking at your numbers you made quarter if a million out of your apps to date and most of it from Wobble?

    Fair play!

    Remember nothing lasts forever especially when you are working in a closed system such as Apple inc. Big brother makes the rules and can do what he likes. There is very little you can do apart from vote with your feet.

    I would switch over to the Android market place instead, if enough developers boycott apple then its all over for them.

  4. We started dev for Android on Saturday, and bought some Android phones. You have not taken off capital costs expended.

  5. I totally support you! I see that not only the Playboy App is still in the App Store, but the Sports Illustrated is there too!

    I wanted to ask you, what’s the name of the app we’re seeing in your screenshot?

    Thank you for keeping us posted. I hop Apple will approve your app again soon…

  6. LOL. I know. I own it on my iPhone (Fantastic App, BTW. I would love to see your algorithm fro wobbling)

    I meant the application that creates all those beautiful charts with your reports and reviews… What is it called?

  7. Can I suggest you try an make something useful instead of resorting to your country stereotype with your childish soft pron wobble app. Do you seriously expect anyone to be sorry for you. It’s a clever app, but why not produce something else. You obviously have skills in app design – make something that’s less offensive and purile and the money will role in.

  8. Thanks for the advice mate, can I suggest you stop complying with one of *your* country stereotypes and stop being a stuck up arrogant wanker….

    I don’t care if anyone is sorry for me, that’s not what I am after.

    We have several other Apps, just happens that Wobble sold to about a million people worldwide, many of them from your country – it isn’t porn, it didn’t even ship with any content – childish; maybe… but it is an amusing couple of minutes, and if you had half a brain you’d see what the fuss was about – I personally don’t care what Apple do with their appstore – I do care when they change policies and mess up the business plans of hundreds of developers without any warning.

  9. Chris.. what do you mean stereotype – I think many millions of people would view your comment as hypocrisy. You have just suggested that it is ok to lump a nation into a homogenous group which you assign as having a particular characteristic. Besides… when did you get appointed judge. The day you had your sense of humour surgically removed, or have you ever possessed one. For goodness sake, this was an app that was a bit of fun… do you remember what that is? What should really concern you, is that once again, bigger business rules apply.. ie All businesses are equal, but some are more equal than others. I love Apple products, but they are a big business and commercial pressures exist, but they really should be consistent.

  10. Jonau….
    Chris is an arse, but without such people on this planet, comparison would be difficult.

  11. true :-)

    Lots of Brits around today – my blog is flooded with them!! Welcome :-)
    I guess the BBC story is prompting a bit of traffic – I’ts a pity that the reporter made a mistake wrt Wobble – it DOESN’T ship with any content as the reporter implied in his story – I thought I made that pretty clear i the interview…

  12. Hi Jonau – I am astounded that anyone could be offended by this app. What, like women since the beginning of time haven’t attempted to coerce blokes into getting their own way using real-life Wobble? OMG – get a life and go whinge about something important, like world poverty or cruelty to kids. I love my Apple kit but sometimes they don’t use common sense and in the rush to be seen to do What’s Right they get it very Wrong. Keep up the good work!

  13. Hi Jon – What happened to the good old days of simply sticking an 18+ sticker on the cover and that was it. If they want to block kids from seeing wobbly tits on itunes then they could add restricted access. Winds me up when they expect us to help make us both money and yet they dont give us creative freehand and instead force tunnel vision.

    I hope they resolve this issue and give us our freedom. “I have a dream ….”

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