Official – Most Don’t Support Apple

OK – that’s the sort of headline that a low brow news source would scream, read what you want into that :-), but it is still very interesting that the results of the Poll over at CNet overwhelmingly supports our view. In fact it almost mirrors what I have been saying.

So congratulations to the 25% of people that have sided with the puritans – you got want you wanted by complaining loudly. The majority view is that Apple has done the wrong thing (either in whole or part)

The problem with Apple’s statement that they have
“we have recently received numerous complaints from our customers about this type of content” 
is that ONLY people that want to change something will complain, nobody that wants to keep the status quo will contact Apple and say “Hey I’m loving the variety available in the Appstore, please keep it the same.”

So if you keep changing something until you get no complaints, you will end up with a pretty boring society/community!!

The proper solution would have been to make modifications to filter the Appstore properly, so that everybody could get what they wanted.

Click through to CNet for an up to date results, here’s a snapshot from a few minutes ago:

cnet poll results

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