BBC Radio Interview

Despite an interesting blending of some of my words from an old Wobble promotional video, the interview I did yesterday with Iain Mackenzie of the BBC sounds ok. 

(NOTE – the promo video is showing images that we inserted to demo the software, they do not and did not ship with the App)

UPDATE – here is a link to the full interview with Jon Atherton and article from BC

Listen to interview here – from 13:20min
bbc player
[player pops new window]

The interview was quite heavily edited of course, since I blathered on a bit :-) and the whole story was only 1.5 minutes long.

Anyway – if you are interested, it got into the BBC News for the last minute and a half of the broadcast – you can listen to it here – flip forward to about 13:20 by moving the slider along.

I am not sure if there is a longer version on the BBC tech website somewhere – the story got cut short in the player at the end.

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