Wobble Premium Updated

We have updated the Wobble App on the Appstore and are awaiting its approval. Our last App took about 6 hours for approval (last Friday) so we’d expect Wobble to be approved today.

It now fully complies with Apples guidelines and in fact the AT&T guidelines – so it would be difficult to see how it would be declined by Apple.

Below are the before and after screenshots of the splash page. Other screens are also updated, as you can see it’s now even better than a G rating in fact it is TV-Y – that is suitable for ANY children, I’m now proud to say that our application is as mundane as Dora the Explorer – hopefully it will be as popular…

wobble-ad-itunes-v01  wobble-ad-itunes-censored

As you can see we’ve used some graphics from our Trolls App, which is also being updated at the moment.

4 thoughts on “Wobble Premium Updated”

  1. As a recent comer to app development I must say I am simply appalled at what you are going through. Originally I had considered purchasing a Mac so i could do iPhone apps but they struggle you are going through has changed my mind. Regardless of the “content” included in my apps I do not want to provide for an ecosystem as fundamentally flawed and restricted as you have experienced. As a developer I know how much effort and dare I say “love” that we put into each application, and I applaud you making adjustments and trying to make it work on the apple store. Here’s to many more downloads and hope that Apple stays off your back long enough for you o make a living

  2. Glad you got the update through, but… why am I looking at an advertisement at the bottom of the screen in an app I’ve paid for? Not cool. Please… lose it.

  3. an ad has been there for over 8 months, we’ve just changed the advert.
    the advertising pays for the hotwobble.com sharing website.

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