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HOW TO – Block Inappropriate Content on iPods & iPhones.

If you are a parent, you should read this.

In today’s lesson I am going to show you how to make sure that your kids don’t get into things that they shouldn’t in the Appstore.

If Apple weren’t so goddam mystical and secretive , this is what they should have told you when you bought the iPod for your 10 year old over the holidays – at the bare minimum they should have told anyone that complained about the Appstore content, to set their iPod up like this…

It is easy to setup your kids iPods so that:
a. they can’t browse the Appstore
b. they have restricted content on the Appstore and in iTunes
c. if they do browse either of the above, they don’t see what you don’t want them to.
d. they don’t see Youtube, can’t buy Apps, can’t do in app purchases etc etc.

At the end of today’s lesson you will be able to contact Apple and tell them that you want all the apps they deleted reinstated. All is forgiven.

Please don’t take this as patronising, I only bothered to look today – and have now blocked my kids from all sorts of things that are inappropriate! My sarcasm is aimed at Apple here for not responding to people that complained with information on how to set the ratings up in their kids iPod/iPhone.

Are we ready?

  1. Go to SETTINGS


2. Tap “GENERAL”
3. Tap Restrictions. photo (1)

4. Enter a Pin number. photo (2)

5. Turn off all the stuff you don’t want your kids to see or access photo (3) 

6. Scroll down, see that Apps line – tap that: photo (4)

7. Now – YOU decide what you want your kids to see. photo (5)

For example, you can select 4+ and only cute pussy cats and bunny rabbit will be available, or 17+ and the user of the iPod will see a whole lot more.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE the App is still visible in the lists and the descriptions are there, BUT the screenshots aren’t!!

  1. Unfrozen on Wednesday 24, 2010

    Seems Apple has given in to the developer and consumer backlash:

    Congratulations. Hopefully they accept non garbage adult apps the same way they filtered some app with limited functionality and only allow quality adult apps. Would like to see apps for finding strip bars, swingers community apps and Bang Bros to add a native iPhone app (they have a good iPhone optimized site as well as an Apple TV app on Boxee).

    Bring on the good quality adult category.

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  3. [...] Instead of moronically removing Wobble iBoobs, Apple must do a better job educating parents about options on iPhones and iPod Touches that block applications and about content [...]

  4. [...] a better job educating parents about options on iPhones and iPod Touches that block applicatio… and about content [...]

  5. Bill on Wednesday 24, 2010

    You know it seems you can limit what Apps can be downloaded … but you can still see those inappropriate apps — they are still browsable in the catalog (like the kamasutra) but you can’t download them. I think they could have done better and removed visibility altogther.