Apple Backflip – Wobble Back in Appstore!

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A week of campaigning has paid off – phew – for a while there the world was without an app to jiggle boobs with!


ready for sale

This company has lost 1000’s of dollars in the last week due to Wobble being removed from sale..

What did we have to change? Well not much.

If you support our position that the Appstore should not be censored,  I’d really appreciate it if you blog tweet and generally spread the word that Wobble is back in the store, let’s try and get it up past Playboy and show Apple what you think of their rules :-)

A small indi developer has managed to pressure Apple into changing their minds.

I’m convinced that:
a. Wobble should never have been removed from the store in the first place. It was not overtly sexual.
b. Many other Apps were wrongfully taken down too. But some are back.
c. Apple didn’t realise what a huge stir this would cause and have tried to fix the problem. A week late.
d. It is going to take a lot of hard work to get Wobble back to where it should be – most people in tech have written that it has been removed, many consumers now wont even look for it.

18 thoughts on “Apple Backflip – Wobble Back in Appstore!”

  1. Proud to say I just did my part to correct what I think was a stupid move to gentrify the App store. 1 copy of premium Wobble purchased!

    Apple could have found a much better and politic way than knee-jerking. If there was more than one place iPhone/Touch apps could be purchased, then Apple has all the rights in the world to decide what standards apps should meet to be sold in their store. Problem is they are the only store and have to cater to all users.

    Let’s hope Apple comes up with a better solution. At least they are beginning to do an about face.

  2. The main problem still is there: The App Store – and the ability to control whatever Apple want. Unlike your Mac applications for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad always (jailbraeks not included) has to go this zensored way.

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